[XNA] Level Generation

I’ve been working on Evolution more lately, and after moving over to C# with it I’ve been toying with procedurally generated levels.

I’ve made a sandbox for myself to mess about with the level gen without affecting the main codebase and I’ve come up with some concepts that I’d like to incorporate into the final game.


Parallax Background Effect

I’m really enjoying this project, I’ve been learning how to use vectors more efficiently, and I’ve implemented a parallax scrolling background in my project. At first I didn’t like the scrolling background idea due to the fact it caused motion sickness with a rapidly moving background, however I managed to Read more…

XNA Acceleration

I managed to add get acceleration working correctly, and I’m currently adding planets/moons to visit. I’m also working on adding parallax to the background image. I’m also going to try adding NPCs, with wander steering AI (possibly). In the video another ship is present, however my code for the AI Read more…

Xbox Controller with XNA

I’ve been playing around with XNA some more, and I found out that it’s very easy to get xBox controllers working with an XNA game. After a few hours of tinkering, I managed to get this up and running, so this is probably the start of a new project…