I’ve been working on Evolution more lately, and after moving over to C# with it I’ve been toying with procedurally generated levels.

I’ve made a sandbox for myself to mess about with the level gen without affecting the main codebase and I’ve come up with some concepts that I’d like to incorporate into the final game.

Obviously the speeds of the objects in the solar system will be much slower in the end, in the video it’s just so I can show how the orbits vary. You’ll notice some variations in orbit radius and orbit speed, as well as the rotation changing dependent on the seed.

In the second half of the video I show the moon orbiting mechanics I’ve added, which allow me to add moons to planets with their own unique orbits, by having the moons “parented” to the specified planet.

In other news I added a freelook camera with zoom functionality. Don’t know how that will be implemented in the final version yet but I’m thinking of how it’ll work. (Best idea at the moment is zoom out, so you can see immediate area around your ship while having to rely on radar for distant objects.)