I’ve slowed work on my XNA Project (which I’m now calling Evolution) due to me getting ready to start University soon, however I expect once I get settled into my schedule I’ll begin work on this project again.


Because of this, I’ve decided to clean it up into a working prototype to demonstrate how easy the assets will be to modify, as well as give a general idea of the direction I’m going to take the game in.

There isn’t much to do at the moment, but I’ve added a couple of planets (Mars and Jupiter) and you can follow the AI and see where it wanders to. The game can be played with Keyboard or XBox Controller.


Known Bugs:

  • If any content is renamed the game will crash, I haven’t added checks to ensure the files are there yet.



W – Increase Speed
A – Turn Left
S – Decrease Speed
D – Turn Right
E – Reset Position
Q – Toggle HUD


Left Joystick UP – Increase Speed
Left Trigger – Turn Left
Left Joystick DOWN – Decrease Speed
Right Trigger – Turn Right
Start – Reset Position
Y – Toggle HUD