I’ve managed to implement a simple wander AI for enemies, at the minute the movement is a bit erratic but I’m confident I can fine tune it to create fluid natural motion. I’ve also created a new player ship based on the new BAE Systems self healing survivor concept. I thought it was a pretty awesome looking concept so I made a new sprite.

Player ship frames

Player Ship

BAE Systems Self Healing Aircraft Concept

BAE Systems Self Healing Aircraft Concept

In other news, a few more things have been changed:

  • I’ve added Jupiter, just so I have something else to fly to in game. Different planet sizes will help me test the targeting, such as drawing different sized outlines around selected objects.
  • I’ve changed the way the background is rendered so that the sun can have a glow effect, this also had the effect of making the starfield less visible, although I think it looks much better this way.
  • The red line from my ship to the enemy is a quick test of my weapons system. ATM it only renders in debug mode, however I’m confident I’m on the right path to get weapons working.
  • I’ve added a thruster animation, which is really easy in XNA. I think it looks quite good, although in future I might add a few more frames. I also need to extend this to enemies.


  • Next I’d like to get collision detection and projectile weapons working.
  • I have clean up my code to make it easier to manage enemies and animation.
  • Finally I’d quite like to get some space-stations into the game. A friend is helping me with artwork so hopefully he can whip me something up, if I don’t get there first.